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Your House

Your House

The client approached us to develop a technologically advanced e-commerce platform that would be a place to connect buyers, homebuilders with the people and services they need to make it easier to find and get the property they want.



Website tasks for the buyer

Quick and convenient search of the projects, the opportunity to get a consultation on each project and the ability of applying for a credit. It is handy to search for projects using a structured catalog and smart search on the site. All projects which the user is interested in are easy to find by adding them to the favorites.

Platform tasks for business

1. Support of buyers and homebuilders in the process of sale and after;
2. Customer acquisition;
3. Building trust.
The solution includes a platform administrator application with flexible configuration and online reporting

Application tasks for the homebuilders

Convenient functionality for adding projects, creating a credit application. Consideration of the application at the bank and credit processing takes usually no more than 10 minutes.

Credit application

The site provides buyers and developers with an easy way to get pre-approved and secure financing to buy a house or other property.

Remote system administration;
Integration with financial institutions;
Structured catalog and smart search on the site;
Collection statistics on published projects;
Algorithm for tracking overdue applications;
Adaptive version of the site, designed for mobile devices.
Photo of Potapov Mikhail

Potapov Mikhail

Head of EHouse

I want to express my gratitude to the ESoft team for the quality work and reliable partnership. We had work experience with different companies before starting cooperation with ESoft and we have something to compare with. Colleagues showed their high level of organization, quality of work and ease of communication at the very beginning. Any problem has been resolved and continues to resolve promptly, it is clear that the team is very well coordinated and works accurately. We value reliability, quality and trusting relationships and look forward to long-term cooperation.

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